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Child and Teen Consumption 2008

The 3rd international conference on multidisciplinary perspectives on child and teen consumption was held in Trondheim on the 24th and 25th of April 2008. 



Background and mission

This conference aimed to establish and continue a dialogue between specialists from a variety of academic disciplines in order to explore the phenomenon of young consumers in today's society.

During the two days, research was presented on children's and adolescents' position in the consumer society, how children develop their consumer competences and consumer socialization in general. The emphasis is on creating a multi-disciplinary discussion uniting ideas from historical, psychological, sociological, managerial and other social science perspectives.

The first international conference was held at the European Center for Children's Products, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Poitiers, France in 2004. The conference hosted 200 participants representing researchers and practitioners as well as students. Due to the success of this first meeting, it was agreed to make this a biannual event. The Copenhagen Business School - volunteered to host the second conference in 2006. Norwegian Centre for Child Research now welcomes you to join us in creating a tradition worthy of the interest in the field.

Topics discussed included:

  • Children’s and young people’s consumption practices
  • Children’s roles in the consumer decision-making process
  • The history of children’s consumer culture
  • Media, consumption and youth culture
  • Consumer culture and childhood identities
  • Children and advertising
  • Consumer socialization
  • Media and consumer literacies
  • Ethics and children’s consumption
  • The globalization of children’s culture and youth culture
  • Marketing practices, rhetorics and appeals
  • Theories of consumer culture
  • The role of new media in consumer socialisation
  • Public policy and media regulation
  • Research methods to investigate child and teen consumption


Child and Teen Consumption 2010 will be held i Linköping, Sweden


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