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EMIG 1.2 is a global database for international emigration.  This database collects 6,537 observations of annual emigration counts, covering 155 countries and 159 years (1850-2008).  This page provides some basic information about the dataset, links to articles and books that have used that dataset, and access to the dataset itself, in a number of different formats.



The basic outline of the aggregate dataset can be seen in the following figure:

Or, as a percentage of the world’s population:

Data Downloads

EMIG 1.2 is available in two formats (text and Excel) and is aggregated in both aggregated form (as shown in the figures above) or in long-form (for use in pooled time series analysis). You can access the datasets by clicking on the relevant link in the table below:












Assistance sought

This is a dataset under development, and it is our hope that area and migration specialists will comment and add to the dataset.  After all, the span of the collection effort (both temporally and spatially) makes it very difficult for any one scholar to keep abreast of developments, or to have the language skill and data access that is necessary to fill in all the missing gaps.


To facilitate this collaborative effort, this home page presents the data in a number of different ways.  In doing so, we hope that historians, area specialists, national statisticians, etc. will examine the relevant statistics.  For example, a national migration scholar can look at the overview descriptive statistics for her particular country and get an immediate overview of which years (and sources) were available for the country in question.  From that page she can also access the individual country files to see which sources were used, and what the annual data look like from the different sources.   A list of countries that were not included in the EMIG dataset, due to lack of data, can be found on the outliers’ page.


In the end, we hope that this insight will help national experts inform us as to whether additional (or perhaps even better!) statistics are available, and where.  We will then take the new information, ensure is compatibility, and include it in subsequent versions of the data.


 Updated 1 March 2011.  Please report any faulty links and information to Jonathon Moses

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