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  • Professor of Economics
  • Address: Department of Economics, NTNU, N-7491 Trondheim, Norway
  • Office: Dragvoll University Campus, building 7, level 5, room 7565
  • Telephone: +47 73 59 19 34 (direct line) +47 73 59 19 40 (department office)
  • Fax: +47 73 59 69 54
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Recent unpublished papers   

Public finance

* Tax financing and tax equalization: Incentives and distribution in the welfare state (with Lars-Erik Borge, January 2015, forthcoming in conference volume)

*  Horizontal equity and real income taxation in a migration equilibrium model (with Hildegunn E. Stokke, December 2014)

* Political attitudes, private/ public cleavage, and retirement: A test of selection into government (with Rune Sørensen, November 2014)

* Tax financing and tax equalization, incentives and distribution in the welfare state (with Lars-Erik Borge, to be published in conference volume, Copenhagen 2014)

* Political control of government enterprises: Who controls whom? (with Rune Sørensen, January 2012)

* Local adjustment to temporary matching grant programs: A dynamic analysis (with Lars-Erik Borge, September 2008)

* Young and old competing for public welfare services (with Lars-Erik Borge, May 2007)

* Fiscal federation or confederation in the European Union: The challenge of the common pool problem

Urban economics

*Education, experience and urban wage premium (with Fredrik Carlsen and Hildegunn E. Stokke, January 17, 2015, new version of old paper)

* Regional income convergence, skilled migration and productivity response: Explaining relative stagnation in the periphery (with Hildegunn E. Stokke, June 2013))

* Puzzles of convergence and catching up: Regional income growth in Norway ( November 2008)

Development economics

* Why Northern NGOs hire too many expatriates and what Southern Governments do about it (with Amihai Glazer and Rune Jansen Hagen, October 2014)

* Looking abroad, but lagging behind: How the world technology frontier affects South Africa (with Torfinn Harding, April 2009)




Recent publications

(Lars-Erik Borge, Jan Brueckner and Jørn Rattsø) Partial fiscal decentralization and demand responsiveness of the local public sector: Theory and evidence from Norway, Journal of Urban Economics, 80, 2014, 153-163

(Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn E. Stokke) Regional convergence of income and education: Investigation of distribution dynamics, Urban Studies, 51, 8, 2014, 1672-1685

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø) Capitalization of property taxes in Norway, Public Finance Review, 42, 5, 2014, 635-661

(Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn E. Stokke) Population divergence and income convergence: Regional distribution dynamics for Norway, Regional Studies 48, 11, 2014, 1884-1895

(Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn E. Stokke) Trade, skill biased technical change and wage inequality in South Africa, Review of International Economics, 21, 3, 2013, 419-431

(Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn E. Stokke) Trade policy in a growth model with technology gap dynamics and simulations for South Africa,  Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 36, 2012, 1042-56

(Torfinn Harding and Jørn Rattsø) Industrial labor productivities and tariffs in South Africa: Identification based on multilateral liberalization reform, Economics of Transition 18, 3, 2010, 459-485.

(Jørn Rattsø and Rune Sørensen) Grey power and public budgets: Family altruism helps children, but not elderly, European Journal of Political Economy 26,2, 2010, 222-234.

(Fredrik Carlsen, Bjørg Langset, Jørn Rattsø og Lasse Stambøl) Using survey data to study capitalization of local public services, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39, 6, 2009, 668-695.

(Matz Dahlberg, Eva Mörk, Jørn Rattsø and Hanna Ågren) Using a discontinuous grant rule to identify the effect of grants on local taxes and spending, Journal of Public Economics, 92, 12, 2008, 2320-2335.

(Lars-Erik Borge og Jørn Rattsø) Property taxation as incentive for cost control: Empirical evidence for utility services in Norway, European Economic Review, 52, 2008, 1035-1054.

(Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn Ekroll Stokke) A growth model for South Africa, South Africa Journal of Economics, 75, 4, 2007, 616-630.

(Jon H. Fiva and Jørn Rattsø) Local choice of property taxation: Evidence from Norway, Public Choice, 132, 3-4, September 2007, 457-480.

(Xinshen Diao, Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn Ekroll Stokke)  Learning by exporting and structural change: A Ramsey growth model for Thailand,  Journal of Policy Modeling, 28, 2006, 293-306.

(Jon H. Fiva and Jørn Rattsø) Welfare competition in Norway: norms and expenditures, European Journal of Political Economy, 22, 2006, 202-226.

(Fredrik Carlsen, Bjørg Langset and Jørn Rattsø), The relationship between firm mobility and tax level: Empirical evidence of fiscal competition between local governments,  Journal of Urban Economics, 58, 2, September 2005, 273-288.

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø), The relationships between costs and user charges: The case of a Norwegian utility service, FinanzArchiv, 61, 1, 2005, 1-22.

(Xinshen Diao, Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn Ekroll Stokke) International spillovers, productivity growth and openness in Thailand: An intertemporal general equilibrium analysis, Journal of Development Economics, 76, 2, 2005, 429-450

(Jørn Rattsø and Rune J. Sørensen) Public Employees as Swing Voters: Empirical Evidence on Opposition to Public Sector Reform, Public Choice, 119, 3-4, June 2004, 281-310.

Fiscal Adjustment under Centralized Federalism: Empirical Evaluation of the Response to Budgetary Shocks, FinanzArchiv, 60, 2, 2004, 240-261.

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø) Income distribution and tax structure: Empirical test of the Meltzer-Richard hypothesis,  European Economic Review, 48, 4, 2004, 805-826.

(Ragnar Torvik and Jørn Rattsø) Interactions Between Agriculture and Industry: Theoretical Analysis of the Consequences of Discriminating Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa, Review of Development Economics, 7, 1, 2003, 138-151 (figures not available here).

(Jørn Rattsø and Hildegunn Ekroll Stokke) Learning and Foreign Technology Spillovers in Thailand: Empirical Evidence on Productivity Dynamics, Nordic Journal of Political Economy, 29, 1, 2003, 47-66.

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø), Spending Growth with Vertical Fiscal Imbalance: Decentralized Government Spending in Norway 1880-1990, Economics and Politics, 14, 3, 2002, 351-373.

(Jørn Rattsø and Per Tovmo) Fiscal Discipline and Asymmetric Adjustment of Revenue and Expenditures: Local Government Responses to Shocks in Denmark, Public Finance Review, 30, 3, 2002, 208-234, separate tables.

Aggregate Local Public Investments and Shocks: Norway 1946-1990, Applied Economics, 31, 5, 1999, 577-584|.

(Torberg Falch and Jørn Rattsø) Local Public Choice of School Spending: Disaggregating the Demand Function for Educational Services, Economics of Education Review, 18, 1999, 361-373.

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø) Local Government Resource Use under a Centralized System of Financing: The Case of Norway, Local Government Studies 25, 1, 1999, 35-54.

(Torberg Falch and Jørn Rattsø) School Reforms and School Spending Growth, Journal of Policy Reform, 3, 1999, 195-227, separate tables (figures not available here).

(Rob Davies, Jørn Rattsø and Ragnar Torvik) Short-Run Consequences of Trade Liberalization : A CGE Model of Zimbabwe, Journal of Policy Modeling, 20, 3, 1998, 305-333.

(Jørn Rattsø and Ragnar Torvik) Trade Liberalization in Zimbabwe: Ex post Evaluation, Cambridge Journal of Economics, 22, 1998, 325-346.

(Jørn Rattsø and Ragnar Torvik) Economic Openness, Trade Restrictions and External Shocks : Modelling the Effects in Sub-Saharan Africa, Economic Modelling, 15, 1998, 257-286

(Torberg Falch and Jørn Rattsø) Political Economic Determinants of School Spending in Federal States: Theory and Time-Series Evidence, European Journal of Political Economy, 13, 1997, 299-314.

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø) Local Government Grants and Income Tax Revenue: Redistributive Politics in Norway 1900-1990, Public Choice, 92, 1997, 181-197.

(Jorid Kalseth and Jørn Rattsø) Political Control of Administrative Spending : The Case of Local Governments in Norway, Economics and Politics, 10, 1997, 63-83.


Older publications (before 1997)

Public finance

Local government allocation of labour and the grant system: An applied model analysis of local government behaviour in Norway. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, Vol 7, 1989, s 273-284.

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø) Dynamic responses to changing demand: A model of the reallocation process in small and large municipalities in Norway. Applied Economics, 1993, 25, s 589-598.

(Hans Bonesrønning and Jørn Rattsø) Efficiency Variation Among the Norwegian High Schools: The Consequences of Equalization Policy, Economics of Education Review Vol. 13, No. 4, 1994, 289-304.

(Lars-Erik Borge, Jørn Rattsø and Rune Sørensen) Local Government Service Production: The Politics of Allocative Sluggishness, Public Choice, No. 83, 1995, 135-157.

(Jorid Kalseth and Jørn Rattsø) Spending and Overspending in Local Government Administration: The Minimum Requirement Approach Applied to Norway, European Journal of Political Economy, No. 11, 1995, 239-251.

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø) Demographic Shift, Relative Costs and the Allocation of Local Government Consumption in Norway, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 25, 1995, 705-726.

(Torberg Falch and Jørn Rattsø) Sources of Cost Expansion: Primary Education in Norway 1946-1990, Education Economics, 4, 2, 1996, 161-185.


Development economics

The macroeconomics of India’s 6th five year plan, Economic Modelling 3, 4, 1986, 269-282.

A note on social articulation, Journal of Development Economics 21, 2, 1986, 347-352.

The macroeconomic performance in India 1980-85: An applied general equilibrium model analysis. Journal of Quantitative Economics, Vol 3, No 2, 1987, s 225-258.

Macroeconomic adjustments in a dual economy under policy controlled domestic terms of trade. Indian Economic Review, Vol XXIII, No 1, 1988, s 45-59.

Macrodynamic mechanisms in India. World Development, Vol 16, No 8, 1988,s 959-973.

Macrodynamic adjustment mechanisms in a dual semi-industraialized economy. Journal of Development Economics, Vol 30, 1989, s 47-69.

      The asymmetric relation between Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world: a theoretical analysis of the role of imports compression. Eastern Africa Economic Review, Vol 8, No 1, 1993, s 1-11.

Devaluation and Monetary Policy with Import Compression, Open Economies Review, Vol. 5, 1994, 159-175.

Medium Run Adjustment Under Import Compression: Macroeconomic Analysis Relevant for Sub-Saharan Africa, Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 45, No. 1, 1994, 35-54.

(Rob Davies, Jørn Rattsø and Ragnar Torvik) Macroeconomics of Zimbabwe in the 1980's - A CGE Model Analysis, Journal of African Economies, Vol. 3, No. 2, 1994, 153-198.

(Rob Davies and Jørn Rattsø) Growth, Distribution and Environment: Issues for Zimbabwe, World Development, 24, 2, 1996, 395-405.


Good old most cited paper

Different macroclosures of the original Johansen model and their impact on policy evaluation, Journal of Policy Modeling 4, 1982, 85-97.


Book chapters and reviews

(Lars-Erik Borge and Jørn Rattsø), Fiscal federalism: International experiences and the Nordic response, chapter 2 in A. Mosio (ed.), Rethinking local government: Essays on municipal reform, Government Institute for Economic Research, Helsinki, Publications 61, 2012.

Book review: Lectures on Urban Economics, by Jan K. Brueckner, MIT Press, in Urban Economics, 2012

Book review: Hamilton’s Paradox, the Promise and Peril of Fiscal Federalism, by Jonathan Rodden, Cambridge University Press, in Journal of Federalism, 2008

Economic General Report, Local tax financing in the Nordic countries, Yearbook for Nordic Tax Research 2005 (Robert Påhlsson, ed.), 33-50

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Book edited on Scandinavian fiscal federalism

Jørn Rattsø (ed.), Fiscal Federalism and State-Local Finance: The Scandinavian Perspective,
Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar, 1998


Committee report produced for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Norway, in 2006 (Rattso report on NGOs):

New roles for non-governmental organizations in development cooperation


Keynote slides at European Public Choice Society meeting in Rennes, April 2011

Local policy, agglomeration, and income convergence


Publications in Norwegian


Jørn Rattsø og Rune Sørensen: Pengerikelighetens utfordringer i offentlig sektor , MAGMA 4/2008

Jørn Rattsø: Den besværlige offentlige sektor, Tidsskriftet Horisont 3/ 2004

Arild Hervik og Jørn Rattsø: Vil vi ha landsdelsregioner? , Økonomisk Forum nr. 9 2004

Jørn Rattsø og Lars Wilhelmsen: NOU 2004:13 En ny arbeids- og velferdsforvaltning , Økonomisk Forum nr. 6 2004

Terje P. Hagen og Jørn Rattsø: Norsk løsning på danske sykehusproblemer?  Tidsskriftet Dagens Medicin, 8 mai 2004

Jørn Rattsø: Kommuner i veien for distriktspolitikk, Tidsskriftet Horisont 2/2003

Jørn Rattsø: Den idylliske tid er slutt (Kommune-konkurranse), Tidsskriftet Horisont 1/2003

Jørn Rattsø: Det er ikke penger som er problemet i norsk skole, Tidsskriftet Horisont 1/2002

Jørn Rattsø: Hvordan få mer glede ut av kommunene, Tidsskriftet Horisont 1/2001

Jorid Kalseth, Jørn Rattsø og Rune Sørensen: Ressursbruken i kommunal administrasjon. Hvor mye kan høstes ved færre småkommuner? Tidsskrift for samfunnsforskning 1993, årgang 34, s 219-242.

Lars-Erik Borge og Jørn Rattsø: Kommunenes prioritering og omstilling av tjenestetilbudet: Analyse av forskjellene mellom ulike kommunetyper. Norsk Statsvitenskaplig Tidsskrift 1992, (8), 3: s 205-225.

Hans Bonesrønning og Jørn Rattsø: Effektivitetsforskjeller i videregående skole:   Analyse av allmennfaglig studieretning i 34 skoler. Norsk Økonomisk Tidsskrift (NØT), årgang 106, 1992, s 211-242.

Lars-Erik Borge og Jørn Rattsø: Kommunenes prioriteringer før og etter inntektssystemet: Estimering av en dynamisk modell for kommunenes tilpasning. Norsk Økonomisk Tidsskrift (NØT), årgang 106, 1992, s 17-40

Jørn Rattsø: By mot land: makroøkonomisk analyse med utgangspunkt i debatten om "sakse-krisen" i Sovjetunionen. Nordisk Tidsskrift for Politisk Økonomi, Nr. 23, 1989, s 5-18.

Jørn Rattsø: En økonomisk analyse av pengefondets og verdensbankens strukturtilpasningsprogrammer. Norsk Økonomisk Tidsskrift (NØT), årgang 103, 1988, s 181-192.



Populist interventions in the public debate (in Norwegian)

Start med byreform, kronikk DN, 11/4/2011

Venstrevridde offentlig ansatte (med Rune Sørensen), kronikk VG, 13/8/13

Lønn etter bosted, innlegg DN, 24/3/12

Statskommunene, innlegg DN, 13/2/12

Krisepengespillet, innlegg DN, 26/11/10

De elder taper på eldrebølgen (med Rune Sørensen), kronikk avvist i VG august 2009

Politikerne må rydde opp i bistandsindustrien (med Rune Jansen Hagen), kronikk Dagbladet, 14/5/09

Strategisk bistand (med Rune Jansen Hagen), kronikk VG, 15/4/09

Politikernes pengebruk, kronikk, Dagens Næringsliv, 4/9/07

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Frivillige organisasjoner i bistand (med Rune Jansen Hagen), økonomikommentar, Aftenposten, 19/4/07

Regioner gir svekket demokrati (med Rune Sørensen), kronikk VG, 11/4/07

Region søker oppgaver (med Rune Sørensen), utredning CIVITA, april 2007

Forståelig kritikk, innlegg, Bistandskaktuelt, september 2006

Region på jakt etter oppgave, innlegg, Adresseavisen, 9/9/06

Den harmoniske bistanden (med Per Selle), debattinnlegg, Dagbladet, 27/8/06

Bistandsreform, kronikk, VG, 22/8/06

Kommune-Norge i omstilling (med Arild Hervik), kronikk, Nationen, 13/6/05

Det nye store rikstrygdeverket (med Kåre Hagen), kronikk, Dagbladet, 4/4/05

Regionale luftslott (med Arild Hervik), kronikk, Aftenposten, 13/1/05

Trenger vi kommunene? (med Terje P. Hagen), Kronikk, Aftenposten, 1/7 2002

Brytningstid, Kommunal Rapport, november 2002

Standardstatsbarnehagen, Kommunal Rapport, september 2002

Sett pris på veien, Kommunal Rapport, juni 2002

Generalistkommunenes fall? Kommunal Rapport, april 2002

Offentlig fornyelse, igjen, Kommunal Rapport, februar 2002

Kommunestortingsvalgkampen, Kommunal Rapport, juni 2001

Kommunenes egen lille skatt, Kommunal Rapport, april 2001

OECD-gjennomsnittet, Kommunal Rapport, februar 2001

Ledig for oppdrag (fylkeskommunen), Kommunal Rapport, januar 2001



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