Anders Skonhoft

  • Professor
  • Department of Economics, NTNU, N-7034 Trondheim
  • Dragvoll University Campus, building 7, level 5, room 7567
  • Telephone: +47 73 59 19 39 (direct line) +47 73 59 19 40 (office)
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Grouse hunting. The Snasa mountains

Teaching areas: Microeconomics, mathematics, growth theory, natural resource economics

Research: Natural resource economics, bioeconomic modeling

Recent and forthcoming publications:


-MXXXXXXXaximum sustainable yield (MSY) harvesting in an age-structured fishery population model (together with Peichen Gong). Natural Resource Modeling (forthcoming)

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Optimal exploitation of a renewable resource with capital limitations: Nordic sheep farming with and without grazing externalities (together with Asle Gauteplass). European Review of Agricultural Economics 42 (2015), 25 - 50


-Naturressursens Økonomi (The Economics of Natural Resources). Book edited together with Ola Flåten, Gyldendal Akademisk 2014



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