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Acta Geographica Trondheim

Acta Geographica-Trondheim is the continuation of Papers from the Department of Geography, NTNU University in Trondheim, which have been printed since 1978.The old series consisted of offprints, mimeographed lectures and occasional papers and comprised 157 numbers. The GI series A, B, C, and D came out 1995-2001.

Series A Theses and reports  (23 publications)
Series B Lectures  (16 publications)
Series C Teaching compendia and technical notes  (1 publications)
Series D Field course reports  (23 publications)
Series E Offprints  (2 publications)

GI Series A Reports and presentations
GI Series B Offprints
GI Series C Teaching compendia and technical notes
GI Series D Field course reports

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